02/12/2021 - NEW ALBUM "Whisper of a Shadow" - Conversations with Louis Moreau Gottschalk



Gottschalk with the Covid(18)69 ?


This website is dedicated to the life, travels and chiefly music of this great american composer and virtuoso (1829-1869) who knew how to dazzle Chopin, Berlioz, inflame french, spanish, american, brazilian...crowds. He used to play near the shout of guns and canons (american, peruvian civil wars), exalting patriotic (as well as romantic) feelings. His music is also rich of folk and local music that this sleepless traveler discovered.

Despite its absence from concert halls and radio programs, the number of recordings devoted to Gottschalk has exponentially increased for these last few years. Romantic & creole charms of this forerunner of ragtime certainly still touches hearts that the big geniuses of the nineteenth century (Chopin; Liszt; Schubert; Schumann)... had not totally filled. We will also rediscover here other contemporaneous composers of Gottschalk, more or less fallen into oblivion but who will certainly soon come back (Herz, Heller...).


Many audio extracts or complete tracks can be found within the page Works. You can also find below some of the integral audio recordings. They are here performed by a member of this site (JBD) and the great pianists Jeanne Behrend (1911-1988) and Robert Helps (1928-2001). You can also watch selected youtube videos of amateur performances.